Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Your Sails In Stock?

A: Our "Heavy Air" mainsails and jibs are usually in stock and ready to ship. We also inventory our "Classic Color" mainsails and jibs. However, they are only available in white. Because of the endless number of possible color combinations, our "Classic Color" mainsails and jibs must be built to order. Production time is two to three weeks depending on the time of the year.

Q: Do You Offer Discounts?

A: Unlike most sail lofts, we have specials running throughout the year. You will have to contact us directly for these as to avoid coupon sites advertising them on behalf of us.

What Is The Difference Between Your Classic Color & Heavy Air Sails?

Both our "Classic Color" and "Heavy Air" models are essentially the same sail. The only difference between the two is the type of sailcloth used.

Our "Heavy Air" sails are built in 5.53 oz. Challenge High-Modulus Dacron and are available only in white. They have superior shape and are more durable over the long haul. Our "Classic Color" mainsails and jibs are built in 4.0 oz. Challenge Performance Cruise Dacron. We currently offer a palette of 9 different colors! You can order them in one solid color or build a color scheme of your very own.

I Would Like My Sails In Color. How Do I Order Them?

Ordering our "Classic Color" sails is a simple, two-step process:

    Order your sail(s) online - contact us by email!

Do You Offer Sail Numbers, Logos and Battens?

Absolutely! When you select a new mainsail for your beachcat, you have the option of adding one or all to your shopping cart.

Do You Make Sails For Other Beachcats?

Yes! The beachcat models we have online represent our most popular models. However, we are able to design and build just about anything you can think up!
The following is just a partial list of other beachcats we have built sails for in the past:

  • Hobie 15
  • Hobie 20
  • Hobie 21SC
  • Hobie Fox
  • Hobie Tiger
  • NACRA 4.5
  • NACRA 5.0
  • NACRA 5.2
  • NACRA 5.5 SL
  • Prindle 15
  • Prindle 18
  • Are Your Sails Class Legal?

    If you intend on racing your beachcat in class sanctioned regattas, you will need to purchase sails directly from a Hobie authorized dealer.

    The vast majority of beachcat owners use their boats for recreational purposes and/or racing in non-sanctioned events. For this reason, our sails are the perfect choice. They are built as well as the factory sails and in some cases, better. Additionally, you get the opportunity to design your own color scheme plus save a huge amount of money.

    How much? A new "class sanctioned" mainsail and jib in white Dacron through a large online Hobie dealer will set you back a whopping $1,425.00!
    Our price? $675.00 for "Classic Color" sails and $845.00 for our "Heavy Air" models.

    Where Are Your Sails Built?

    • Sail design, distribution and corporate management are based in the United States.
    • Engineering is located in Germany.
    • Production is based in our 30,000 s.f. facility located in UK.