Outstanding Design & Performance - Built to Last

Quality, performance and durability. Just about any sailmaker can build a great sail. But can they deliver it quickly and at an affordable price?

The Beachcat Sail Company utilizes cutting edge technology to design and build each and every sail we sell. Challenge Performance Cruise Dacron is used for our "Classic Color" sails and unlike any other loft, we do not charge extra if you use one or all nine of our available colors. Premium High-Modulus Dacron is used for our "Heavy Air" series and Bainbridge hardware and fittings finish things off.

This adds up to a premium sail that carries a 3-year warranty and a price that is as good as it gets!

"Classic Color" or "Heavy Air"

Our "Classic Color" line provides the ability to personalize your sails just the way you want. We currently stock nine colors of Challenge Performance Cruise Dacron. That means you can design your new sails in one solid color or as many as you like! Please see the "Choosing Colors" page on this website for color samples as well as instructions and design drawings. Plus we can usually have them on your doorstep withing three weeks!

Our "Heavy Air" sails are for those who are looking for durability, exceptional shape and top performance. They are built exactly like our "Classic Color" models but we use 5.53 oz. Challenge High-Modulus sailcloth.

In Stock & Ready To Ship

Our "Heavy Air" sails for every beachcat model available online are in stock, brand new, cleaned and ready to ship.

We also inventory our "Classic Color" line for the same boat models. Because of the endless number of color combinations possible, we only stock them in white.

Simply order your new sail online or by phone and it will ship within 48 to 72 hours!

Get The FAQ's

Please take a moment and visit our FAQ page. You will find a wealth of information about us, our sails as well as answers to the most frequent questions we receive.